First Five on Friday!!

Five on Friday!

One~I’m so glad it’s Friday! Looking forward to spending a fun weekend with my hubby, kiddos, and my parents!

Two~I made this yummy pizza the other night for dinner. So yummy that I’m making it again tonight (plus I already had the ingredients!).

Three~I love babywearing and wish I would have done it more with my son. Trying to “wear” Harper as much as possible before she gets too big!

Four~I’m really enjoying blogging. It keeps me focused on goals and more accountable. We will see how much time I have for blogging once school starts again. Ugh.

Five~We visited a local safari park today. It was pretty cool-we took a tractor ride around the park and fed lots of wild animals!

P.S. Still figuring out how to add pics directly in the post instead of all at the end. Need to figure out more about WordPress!

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