Just a bunch of random thoughts/things that have been happening:

1. I’m still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing. I would like to start linking up with people when they have their different link-ups but I’m not sure how. Any tips? I’ve just been fiddling around wordpress trying to figure out how to add my favorite blogs, links, etc. It’s taking a long time…I’m sure there’s an easier way!

2. We just got a new mattress for our bed as well as for Will’s bed. He switched from his crib to a full size bed (his crib is one of those convertible things that turns into a full bed) back in April and his mattress was the same one my husband had as a kid! It was time to upgrade!

3. Car repairs-I finally got my car back after being at the dealership since last Wednesday. Glad it’s fixed but not happy about the hefty price tag.

4. My mom is coming to visit tonight through Saturday. We are looking forward to her visit:) Will can’t wait to see Grammy!

5. We might go to a safari park in the area tomorrow with my mom, kiddos, and my neighbor and her three kids. It should be fun!

6. Have you tried Dannon’s Oikos dips? I bought the French Onion dip and it’s delicious (and not bad for you either)!

7. Love these curls on Miss H!



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