Midweek Randoms!

I’m linking up with Megan from In This Wonderful Life for my first midweek randoms. Love her blog!!

1~I made these delicious copycat Wendy’s frosties from One Good Thing By Jillee. We’ve had frosty night with our neighbors twice this summer. So easy and they taste just like a real frosty!
2~I’m loving summer but secretly can’t wait until fall, my favorite season:) I love all things pumpkin and like wearing sweaters and scarves while enjoying the beautiful fall leaves and crisp weather. However, it means I will be back at work and not home with my kiddos.
3~Speaking of work, summer is more than halfway over:( I go back to work on August 12th. Boo.
4~We met my husband for lunch today. It is getting VERY difficult to go out to eat with an on the move almost sixteen month old and a three year old! We had a good time but had to eat fast!!
5~I picked up a few fall tops and leggings for Harper this morning at a consignment store. I found some good deals:)
6~Love watching my babies sleep!





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