Family photos and pinterest

We recently had some summer family pictures taken by Kathy Denton Photography that I thought I would share. I’m a little obsessed with having family pics taken. My husband thinks I’m crazy for wanting pictures taken twice a year but our young kiddos grow so much in a year! Since Will was five months old, we have done mini sessions twice a year (and have used four different photographers!). I prefer the mini sessions to a full session because it is easier on the kids (typically the sessions are 30 minutes) and it’s much cheaper. I spend hours prior to our photo session figuring out what to wear. It’s gotten harder now that there are four of us to dress/match but I use Pinterest for ideas. Check out my on Pinterest for inspiration! Spring photo what to wear Fall session what to wear I’m already in search of outfits to wear for our fall session:) I’m thinking plum/gold/navy for this fall!

At our summer photo session, Miss H. was getting over an ear infection and was very fussy. Will was not being cooperative and both kids were tired and hot. I was amazed we got as many good pictures as we did!

- (1) - (4)-1 - (6)- - (9)- (8)- (10) - (23)- (12)- (26)




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