Show Us Your Life-Best Freezer Meals


I’m linking up today with Kelly from Kelly’s Korner Blog! I just love reading her blog! It’s one of my faves!

I love finding great freezer meals! Since I’m at home in the summer with my kids, I try to make lots of freezer meals for the fall when I’m back at school. I haven’t been that productive with that his summer (too busy having fun with my kiddos!) but I have made lots of good dishes over the past few years that freeze well. Throughout the year, I also try to freeze individual lunch portions for my husband and me to take to work. My hubby does not like to eat sandwiches (he says he ate WAY too many as a kid) and I’m not that big on sandwiches either. We always pack our lunches and typically take leftovers. Having the individual freezer portions makes it very easy for us to pack our lunches on busy days.

One recent favorite recipe is honey lime chicken enchiladas from Six Sisters Stuff. I love their blog-full of yummy recipes:) The honey lime enchiladas might be one of my fave dishes. I make it slightly healthier by adding several cans of black beans.

Another good recipe to freeze is lasagna. I’ve been making lasagna rolls (I recently tried this recipe from Giada), which freeze well. I typically double the recipe and freeze one (I do this with a lot of meals; it’s a very easy way to stock up on freezer meals).

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to freezer meals. Check it out:) I have found some great tips on freezer meal cooking from Money Saving Mom. I haven’t tried a full day of freezer meal cooking but it looks like fun!




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