Buying and selling used children’s clothing

I love to find great deals on kids’ clothes:) Here are some tips on how I’ve found good deals and have made money selling Will and Harper’s clothing that they’ve quickly outgrown.

~For me, the best way to make money selling kids’ clothing is through a local bi-annual consignment sale. Google consignment sales to find one in your area. The sale I work with gives you 70% of the proceeds; the other 30% goes to charities/ministries. The only up front charge is a $7 registration fee. It takes some time to hang the clothing, print and tag all of the clothing, but it’s worth it! Because I’m a seller, I get an early shopping pass. I usually end up spending as much money as I make, but it’s a nice trade! I have gotten great deals on boys and girls clothes from Gymboree, Gap, and Old Navy. You choose to donate the clothes you don’t sell or have them returned to you. Here’s a sample of what the tagging system looks like (this particular consignment sale has an online system-you enter your clothing info online and print out the tags) and below is my closet full of clothes that are ready for the consignment sale:



~I have sold my clothes at a few local consignment stores (including a chain kids consignment store) but this has not been the best deal. One of the stores pays you after your item sells, but if it doesn’t sell, they donate it. Another store pays you up front for the items and is very, very picky about what they accept. The money you do get up front is not as much as the 70% I get at the local consignment sale.

~I have also shipped some clothes to an online consignment site but was not happy with the small number of clothes they actually accepted (nothing was wrong with the other clothes I sent-no stains, no tears, less than a year or two old). I was not able to get the clothes back that they didn’t accept.

~I have bought clothes online through ThredUp. Look for their free shipping deals and coupon codes. I recently received a $10 coupon code and ordered three nice long sleeve shirts for my daughter from Old Navy and The Children’s Place for less than $4 (I just had to pay for shipping).

~Below are a few items I recently found at a local chain consignment store. You really have to look around at the consignment stores to find good deals. Some of the clothes are way overpriced! Again, the best deals I’ve found are at the local once or twice a year consignment sales.


~Sell to your friends and co-workers! Just this past spring I sold several hundred dollars worth of clothes and baby equipment to a few friends and co-workers. It saved me lots of time (no tagging!) and money (I got 100% of the profits!)!

~Here are some of the spring consignment clothes I bought for Miss H:



How do you save money on children’s clothing?


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