Midweek Randoms:)

I’m linking up with Megan at In This Wonderful Life for Midweek Randoms!

My kids go through so many of these squeezable applesauce packets. I’m thinking of investing in the reusable squeeze packets. It would save me tons of money and would be more eco-friendly. Has anyone tried the squooshi? Is there a specific brand you recommend?


Miss H turned 16 months the other day…oh my, where has time gone?! It’s also very hard to believe that my son will be going to preschool two mornings a week in the fall! Before I know it, he will be in kindergarten!


We are trying to fit in as much summer fun and activities as we can before school starts. My brother and his family will be visiting our parents in a few weeks and we plan on spending some time with them. They live in Colorado, so Harper and Will only get to see their cousins once a year. We’re planning several day trips to a scenic railroad and to a park for swimming and picnicking.

Today is our ninth wedding anniversary:) We’ve been together for thirteen years! Wow, I’m feeling old, ha!

These mini peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s are addictive! My husband and I are mildly obsessed with Trader Joe’s. if you haven’t been before, you need to check it out! A Trader Joe’s opened up last fall about 45 minutes from us and we frequent it! I might have to do a post on my favorite products from TJ’s sometime!


I’m trying to find new and healthy recipes for my kids (and me) for breakfast. I might try some baked oatmeal or some healthy veggie muffins. We are getting tired of eating the same thing for breakfast! Any suggestions? I’m also trying to plan ahead for back to school. I pack breakfast and lunch for Will and Harper each day. I let them sleep as late as possible on school days, which means they eat breakfast at their babysitter’s.


4 thoughts on “Midweek Randoms:)

  1. Visiting from Megan’s link up! Those chocolate peanut butter cups are THE. BEST! I’ve seen people make mini quiches using cupcake pans and they freeze them and then just defrost the day before you need them. The looked easy and bite-size. 🙂

  2. We tried the Squooshi today with applesauce! E took to it quickly, but once he was full, he flipped it upside down and squirted it everywhere! We tried it again at dinner, and he did much better with it. I’m sure it’ll be better when he’s a little older…{hopefully!}

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