5 on Friday!

I’m linking up with Darci for Five on Friday!


1-I really need to organize my spice rack.  It’s a mess, and I found spices that had expired back in 2009! Oh my! There are just some spices that I don’t go through that fast, like smoked paprika and coriander.  I can’t remember the last time I used those, ha! I cook and use a variety of spices, but there’s no way I can get through some of the spices before they expire.  How bad is it to use expired spices? I’m sure I’ve used them plenty of times before-I always forget to look at the expiration dates on them.  Back to organizing-I am searching for a better way to organize them…any suggestions?


2-This is one of my new favorite snacks: Trader Joe’s (of course! Ha-my addiction with all things Trader Joe’s!) Greek yogurt dip with cherry tomatoes.  Delicious! This dip is much better than the French onion dip I mentioned last week.


3-I finished my son’s third year photo book and have been waiting for a deal from My Publisher.  This post gives more detail on how I create these wonderful keepsakes!  They are currently running a deal that allows me to get three photo books for $39. 64 (includes shipping and taxes) each.  I saved $237.60! I would never pay full price, that’s just crazy! My Publisher is always running discounts and you just have to wait for the one that saves you the most for what you’re purchasing.  This is the best deal for me since my photo books are 100 pages.  I was able to cram in 580 some pictures of my son’s third year into those 100 pages!20130725-202946.jpg

4-I signed up Will and Harper for a new program at our local library called 1000 Books Before Kindergarten.  We  record the books we read and turn in completed book logs after each 100 read.  It’s a really neat program! I never knew before just how much I was reading to them (and how often I was reading the same book over and over again!).  Miss H. has 16 books logged in and Will has 10 logged already, and we just started the program!  One downside: It’s difficult to remember to document the books. I’m going to try to document each evening, but once school starts, it gets crazy around here!

5-Speaking of back to school, I need to get Will a backpack for preschool (sob, sob).  I’m looking at this Junior Original Backpack from LLBean, even though it says for ages 4+. I want him to be able to use it in kindergarten as well.  Has anyone gotten this backpack?  Suggestions?

Happy Friday:)


4 thoughts on “5 on Friday!

  1. Great topics! One way I log books is I keep a basket of the ones we’ve read that day (and try not to let E throw them everywhere), and at the end of the day I take a picture of the stack with my phone, and log them all whenever I get a chance later. Or if we’re out I log them using the Notes app and keep a running total, then transfer them later. I haven’t started using the library’s handwritten log pages b/c I’m typing them into the summer reading program – hopefully at the end of the summer, they’ll let me print the online log and staple it, since they’ll let you do that with your checkout receipts. If we read a book multiple times, I put (x3) or whatever next to the name. The librarian said you can also use ” to log the same book on the actual paper. Saves a bit of time! 🙂 I’m glad they’re doing the program too!

    • Thanks! I love your ideas on how to keep a record of them! I’m just not sure that I could keep all the books contained:) I’ve been handwriting them on the log but typing them sounds much easier! I’m sure they will let you bring in the online log. They told me I could staple the book checkout receipts to the logs instead of writing the books down! We didn’t sign up for the summer reading program-was it a good program?

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