Weekend Fun!

We had a busy, fun weekend! On Saturday, Will and Harper’s grandparents (my in-laws) came to visit for the day. We spent the morning playing at home and just hanging out. After the kids went down for naps, Mimi and I went out for a little shopping. She bought the kids several outfits for fall (fun!). While we were out I found the newest Fiestaware color, lapis. I’ve been collecting Fiestaware since I got married and just love the colors! They come out with a new color each summer and I’m loving the lapis!


Mimi made some rhubarb pie, which the kids and I enjoyed today (my husband does not like rhubarb). It is interesting tasting but I love it! She also brought us several bags of blueberries that they picked at a local farm. Will and Harper eat blueberries like it’s candy!



We went out to dinner with Mimi and Grandaddy to a local favorite restaurant of ours. It’s very challenging to take Will and Harper out to eat. Our strategy is to order our food and then one of us goes outside to walk around with the kids until our food arrives. It always helps if the restaurant has crayons and paper to color:) We also ordered Will’s new LLBean backpack. I had a coupon code and Mimi had some other offers, so we got his backpack for $15.20. Yipee!














Today, I tried out several new recipes I found on Pinterest. First, I made some yummy zucchini brownies with frosting. We have a small garden and when I went out the other day to check on it, I found some huge zucchini! Like baseball bat size! Ha, not quite but it was big! Anyway, I needed to find a recipe that would use up some of the huge zucchini (the smaller ones I usually roast or saute). I found a simple recipe for zucchini brownies, which turned out delicious! I’m going to take some of these brownies to Will and Harper’s babysitter tomorrow (I have to work a half day).


We are having dinner at our friends’ house tomorrow, so I decided to make a lemonade pie for dessert. The recipe I use is similar to this recipe except I don’t use the food coloring and I make the graham cracker crust from scratch. It’s not summer until I make my lemonade pie and a peanut butter pie from the Pioneer Woman!!
For dinner I made a very easy and delicious three cheese skillet lasagna from Iowa Girl Eats. She has some great recipes on her blog! Anyway, this recipe is so easy because it’s a one dish meal. You brown the ground turkey and cook the pasta in the same skillet. You’ve got to try this recipe! So yummy, and it makes a ton! Hope you all had a great weekend:)

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