Midweek Randoms


I’m linking up with Megan for midweek randoms! I love these link-ups because it’s an easy way to share my random thoughts/happenings in our life:) I will have to see how working full time and blogging goes. Right now, I’m able to write several posts a week, but that will have to slow down once I go back to school.

~Lil Miss is such a climber. Recently, she has been into climbing onto the dining room chairs and then up on the table. She also climbed onto our neighbor’s picnic table yesterday evening. Will was not nearly as adventurous as Miss H. is (at least, I don’t remember him being such a risk-taker!)! Notice only one shoe on-she decided it was fun to run and dance around like that!

~We are soaking up every last day of summer and are filling our time with friends, family, mini adventures, playing at the park, and storytime. I’m really going to miss spending fun days with my kiddos once work starts:(


~This week, my husband’s company had a “bring your kids to work” afternoon. Since Will and Harper were too young to participate, the company invited all of the younger kiddos to join in after work for ice cream and a tour of an airplane. Will wanted to stay in the plane and “drive it,” ha! A future pilot in the family, maybe?


~I am in search of ways to display my instagram prints. Lately, I have been using instagram A LOT (it’s just so more convenient to snap a pic quickly on my phone rather than lugging my big camera with me) and want to get some printed. I’ve never gotten any of them in prints before (I have included them in my kids’ photo books but haven’t gotten actual prints). Any suggestions on where to have them printed? And good ideas for displaying them? I guess I need to look on Pinterest!!

~Two and a half summer work days down, a half day to go! I worked a half day Monday and a full day yesterday at school.

~In thinking ahead to fall, I might get crafty and make some sort of wreath for our front door. I just need to check out Pinterest for something very easy. I’m not the craftiest person, ha!

~Over the weekend, I made a delicious and easy skillet lasagna that I mentioned in this post. Yesterday, I came across a one pot chicken spaghetti dish that looks as easy and yummy. I might try it out soon! Speaking of food, I’m going to make the Pioneer Woman’s peanut butter pie to share with our family this weekend. If you like peanut butter, you need to try it! It is so delicious!

~The other day while I was driving down a neighboring road, I came across this vegetable stand set up at a farmhouse. I noticed that they had corn, so I pulled into the driveway. I bought several ears of corn for .25 each and some tomatoes and cucumbers. It was on an honor system-you just put your money in the red container. So fun!

20130730-200919.jpgHave a happy Wednesday:)


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