Midweek Randoms!


Happy Wednesday! I’m linking up again with Megan from In This Wonderful LIfe for Midweek Randoms!

~I love how you can do small, inexpensive touches in your home.  I recently bought a new rug for our back door at a great price from Kohls.  It looks so, so much better than the old, faded rug we had!


~Last night, we went to our community’s National Night Out.  Will had lots of fun looking at the fire trucks, police cars, and medical helicopter.  He was able to get several of the vehicles, which he thought was pretty cool!  Miss H. just walked around held daddy’s hand.  She was most interested in the cats and dogs that were up for adoption.


~Will’s photo book arrived! It turned out very well! I can’t wait to share it with his grandparents:)  My goal this fall/winter is to put together a family photo yearbook from 2004-2010 (when we got married up to the birth of our son).  Then I will be all caught up with photo books until March when Miss H. will turn two (oh my!!).


~We are spending our last few days of summer going to the park, getting haircuts, and playing outside!  This summer went by WAY TOO fast! It just seemed like it was the end of the school year:(  I finished my last work day on Monday, so I’m going to enjoy the last few days before school starts on the 12th.


~We had the best time last weekend with my family!  My brother and his family flew in from Colorado to visit, so we headed home to my parents to see everyone.  Harper and Will played nonstop with their cousins, who are five and two and a half.  Our time was spent playing outside, catching fireflies, swimming, playing in the sandbox, riding a train, eating yummy food outdoors, picking vegetables in the garden and just hanging out and visiting.  I plan to post about our trip at a later point.


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