5 on Friday!

Yay, Friday! I’m linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog for 5 on Friday!

(1) To keep me motivated to try new recipes and crafts that I pin on Pinterest, I might start a weekly Pinterest project post. In this weekly post, I would document something I’ve tried or made from Pinterest. I have so many things I pin but I don’t often go back to my my Pinterest boards and actually try new projects. We will see how this goes! This will (hopefully) help me keep up with blogging once school starts on Monday

(2) This past week was National Breastfeeding Week, which has got me thinking more about my experiences breastfeeding. I pointed out to my husband the other day that I have been breastfeeding since May 2010 (with a small break from November 2011-March 2012). I hadn’t realized it had been that long!! It seems so routine to me and I’ll be sad when it ends:( Will was born in May 2010 and I weaned him when he was 18 months old. He would have kept going a lot longer (ha!), but it was getting too uncomfortable for me since I was pregnant. Harper was born in March 2012 and is still nursing. I’m not in a rush to stop:)


(3) Today we are venturing to the West Virginia State Fair with Mimi (my mother-in-law). We live in Virginia but our parents live in West Virginia close by the state fair. I grew up going to the fair, so it will be fun to take Will and Harper to see the animals and go on some rides! Plus, eat some good (but bad for you) fair food! We took Will to the fair when he was fifteen months but he will enjoy it much more now!

(4) We took Miss H. to the doctor yesterday for a weight check. The doctor was a little concerned about her small weight gain from her 12 to 15 month check-up and wanted us to come back before school starts. Harper eats tons and tons of food, but she’s just so active and burns it all off! She now weighs 19.1 pounds, and the doctor was pleased! Yay! (This is her playing in the pantry-she loves to play in there!)


(5) I would love to get back into reading books. I was an avid reader as a kid, but after having kids, there’s no time! I usually spend my little free time reading blogs instead. I got several books on CD from the library the other day and I hope to listen to them on my drive to and from work. It’s about 25 minutes one way to work, so it’s a good way to pass the time. Any book recommendations? I really like Jodi Picoult, but I don’t think my library has her most recent book on CD yet.



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