Peaches and Planes!

This past weekend, we had all sorts of fun! On Saturday morning, we went to a local peach orchard. We had been to this orchard back in 2011 when Will was around 16 months (close to Harper’s age now).

Here he is at 16 months at the peach orchard:


Here he is at three, picking peaches! Such a big boy!


Here is Miss H. at the peach orchard. She loved running through the orchard, picking up peaches and poking her finger in them! Ha!


After peach picking, we headed home with our fruit and had lunch. My husband’s work had reserved 200 seats at a theater to see the movie, Planes. So, since it was free, we decided to take WIll and Harper to the movies! This was their first time at the movies, and we probably won’t go for another year or so. It was fun, but Will was distracted throughout. Harper was very tired but fought sleep. She finally fell asleep about ten minutes before the movie was over. It was quite amusing being in a theater full of airplane mechanics and pilots! Ha! Food kept Will and Harper occupied-lots of goldfish and cheerios! I tried to get a picture of Will after the movie, but he wasn’t too thrilled.



On Sunday afternoon, a friend of ours visited us before she headed off to college. We topped off the fun weekend by going out for ice cream. My mom had given us several coupons for this local ice cream place, so we were able to get ice cream for two dollars! I love a good deal! We can’t wait for more fun late summer/fall weekends! I’m already planning my fall fun “bucket” list!




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