Weekly Pinterest Project: Week Four-Frito Pie

Happy Labor Day!

For my next Pinterest project, I decided to make another recipe (big surprise there!). I’ve been wanting to make a Frito pie, so I went to Pinterest in search of a recipe. My husband has been addicted to Trader Joe’s version of Fritos, which are known as “corn chip dippers.” As with many items, we prefer the TJ’s brand over name brand products. They taste much better and have no preservatives or other not so pleasant ingredients. Anyway, I wanted to try a “frito” pie with ground turkey, using the corn chip dippers. Even though it isn’t fall yet and this is more like a chili dish, it was delicious and quite easy! The recipe I used was from Sweet Treats and More. The only change I made was adding two cans of kidney beans instead of one. Oh, and I put a little less cheese in the recipe. Even Will and Harper ate it (though Harper mostly ate the beans!). I’m looking forward to all the yummy chili and soups I make in the fall (though I’m not rushing the nice warm weather of summer just yet!).





One thought on “Weekly Pinterest Project: Week Four-Frito Pie

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