Labor Day Weekend Fun!


hew, we had a fun-filled, busy weekend! Here’s a quick recap.


On Saturday, we went to our local farmer’s market and walked around downtown. We also went to our favorite toy store, Pufferbellies. Later that day, it was pretty dreary and rained, so we hung out at home. The weather cleared up later that evening, so we headed outside to play with some new toys.

IMG_0518 IMG_0612 IMG_0625 IMG_0634 IMG_0635

On Sunday, we went on the Skyline Drive and hiked up Bear Den Mountain Trail. We were so proud of Will-he walked up and back! Miss H. was in the backpack and fell asleep on the way back down the mountain. Round trip it was over two miles. The Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway are so close to our house, but we haven’t gone up there since before kiddos (and we’ve never been on the BRP near our house). We bought a year pass to the Skyline Drive and want to go on more trails. It will be especially pretty once fall is here:) I’d love to go to Humpback Rocks and Crabtree Falls (never been to either).

IMG_0648 IMG_0660 IMG_0686 IMG_0702 IMG_0712

On Monday, we went to a local park with our neighbors. We ate a picnic lunch and played, fed the ducks in the pond, and rode a free mini train ride. Afterwards, we went downtown for some ice cream.

It was a super fun and busy weekend! So glad to have this time off with my family:)


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