Five on Friday!

Happy Friday! I’m linking up again with Darci and friends at The Good LIfe Blog for Five on Friday! I’m looking forward to a low key weekend with the family:)


{1} I’ve been seeing reviews of Stitch Fix all over the blogosphere and am going to give it a try! My friend ordered her first Stitch Fix box the other day, and I’m curious to see what she gets! I filled out my style profile but haven’t ordered my box yet. It’s such a cool concept-a box full of stylish clothes and accessories shipped to you, buy what you want, return the rest. It seems like there’s boxes for everything nowadays: kids’ crafts, make-up, clothes, baby products, snacks, etc. So fun because I love to get packages:)

{2} The blue/green color combo has been one of my favorites lately, especially on Miss H. This was one of her birthday outfits that her granddaddy picked out for her–good taste! Miss H. is so petite that her capris end up being pants on her, ha! I also pair these pants with a navy blue and white striped shirt. And the crocs-she wears them every day! They are so tiny! Size three (the smallest size that Crocs makes).


{3} Recipe fail:( Last year, I saw a two ingredient pumpkin brownie recipe on PInterest but decided to pass. I thought it sounded kind of weird, even though I really like chocolate and pumpkin (separately). Well, this year, I decided to try it. Let me just say we ended up eating one brownie and throwing the rest away. I was warned by the comments that it is a very dense brownie with a strong pumpkin flavor, so I thought I was prepared. However, the combination was not very tasty to me. It was a super dense, heavy brownie with a strange taste. Anyway, this is my second pumpkin recipe that was not good. I made a pumpkin pasta dish several years ago that we had to toss-it was disgusting. After that, I decided never to make any savory pumpkin recipes again. However, I thought I would be safe with the chocolate and pumpkin combo. After all, I love pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips, ha! This weekend I hope to do better by making a tried and true pumpkin recipe-maybe bread or whoopie pies:)


{4} I love how my kiddos’ favorite toys are simple, household objects like boxes and spoons, instead of the toys they get for their birthdays and Christmas:) Here’s Miss H. playing in a box that we’ve had for several months. Harper and Will love to color and decorate it, then get in the box and push each other around the house!


Here’s Will playing with my twist ties and clothespins as I put dishes away. He loves playing with any kitchen tools and utensils that I will give him.


{5} Does anyone else have too many pictures saved on their computer? I have WAY TOO many and need to go through and delete more. My computer recently popped up with a message that my hard drive is almost full, yikes! I really need to just slowly go through a few pictures each night and delete not so great pics. I’ve been too busy working on my Shutterfly photo books in the evenings and haven’t had time to delete pics. Maybe next week…

Have a super weekend:)


10 thoughts on “Five on Friday!

  1. My little one has that blue and green outfit and I loved it. She outgrew it and I am determined to find it again for the bigger size. Carters also has a set of adorable blue/ green dresses too. I tried the pumpkin brownies last year too and they were horrible!!! But…the pumpkin muffins that way (with cake mix) are fabulous!

  2. My go to pumpkin recipe is a can of pumpkin mixed with vanilla box cake. Add pumpkin spice to the batter and make cupcakes! It’s soooo good. You could throw in some chocolate chips and call them muffins. Top with cream cheese frosting and bonjour Fall! Goes great with coffee!!

  3. I had a failed pumpkin recipe recently, too. I’m convinced pumpkin should just stay in breads, muffins, and lattes now 😉

    Ahh, my iPhoto is EXPLODING. I really need to get an external hard-drive & get them all organized. It’s so overwhelming to even think about though.

  4. Hope the baking goes well this weekend! And yes, I wish I could trim down my thousands of pics but I just can’t pull myself to delete any thinking “Drew might want this exact shot someday”!

  5. Miss H is beautiful and you’re right, her grand dad did a fabulous job at picking out that outfit. That is kind of hilarious about that pumpkin brownie! ICK, I don’t think I would like them either. Some things are not meant to be mixed, HA! Have a good weekend girl.

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