Five on Friday!


Hello!  I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday!


I went to a barn sale last weekend-so much fun! I had never been to a barn sale, but this past weekend, there were two barn sales in the area.  A friend of mine had a booth set up, selling her adorable headbands and accessories.  There were cute accessories and antique furnishings.  I bought some hair accessories and custom ordered a hairclip to match my daughter’s outfit for our fall pictures.  I wasn’t at the sale long…the kiddos were home with daddy and were super fussy.


A Panera Bread opened up near us recently, so we decided to eat dinner there the other evening.  It was delicious! I love Panera, but my husband isn’t that crazy about it. I convinced him to go, and luckily the kids loved it! I can have Will and Harper beg daddy to take us there, ha!  Will and Harper shared some mac and cheese and yogurt.  I had the broccoli cheese soup in a breadbowl (my husband also had soup/breadbowl).  Yum! It was chilly enough for soup that night:)  I thought it was a pretty good deal-dinner for a family of four for $17!


I can’t get over how big Miss H is! She is talking like crazy lately…it seems like as soon as she turned a year and a half, her vocabulary exploded!  She’s repeating everything we say and responding well to our questions.  It’s so amazing to watch!  Love her!


I love watching Will and Harper play together.  As she gets older, she plays more and more with WIll.  It’s so much fun having kiddos close in age.  I hope they will stay close as they grow up.  My husband and I always knew that we wanted to have our kids close in age (around 2 years apart).  Will and Harper are 22 months apart.  I recently realized that when WIll was Harper’s current age (18 months), I was already five months pregnant with her! Yikes!   No, I’m not pregnant, and we don’t plan on having any more kiddos (I would like to but my husband doesn’t).  But it’s hard to remember Will being so young when I was pregnant with Harper.


I saw these play scarves the other day at our favorite local toy store.  Miss H played with some similar scarves the other day in music class and loved them.  They might need to go on our Christmas list, ha! Speaking of Christmas, I like to get my shopping done early.  I haven’t started shopping yet, but I need to start soon.

Have a wonderful Friday!


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