Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 8-Fall Rosette Wreath

Hello!  Welcome to my eighth installment of my weekly Pinterest project! If you follow me on Pinterest, you will find that I’m a little obsessed with pinning things! I was one of those people pre-Pintetest who had binders full of torn out magazine pages with pics of beautiful home decor and yummy recipes.  Ha!  Anyway, I thought I would attempt a craft this time and created a fall wreath.  There are so many out there on blogs and Pinterest, it was hard to decide what to make!  Check out these diy fall wreaths!  I have always wanted to make rosettes and came across several wreaths that included felt rosettes.  I followed the directions from this blog but adapted it slightly.  Here’s my step by step on how to make a rosette wreath:

1) Go to a craft store and purchase the following supplies (or gather them from your house, depending on how crafty you are, ha!):

Glue gun (how am I 33 years old and have not owned a glue gun?!! What?! We had one growing up but I never purchased one as an adult.)

Sheets of felt.  I used one sheet per color but that’s because I didn’t want many rosettes on my wreath.  If you want the entire wreath covered, you will need a bunch of sheets.  Sidenote: my husband and kiddos were with me in Michaels and helped me pick out the rosette colors.  I wanted to go with  navy and off white felt for the wreath (even though it wasn’t very fall-ish) but my husband convinced me to get some earthy, fall colors.  I thought about going with a yellow, navy, and off white, but that was too much like WVU football colors.  Then I suggested orange and burgundy, which was like VT.  Every color combo was shot down by my husband because of how much it looked like specific football teams! So, I ended up with orange, yellow, and off white (though that’s probably some football team’s colors, ha!).  As I am writing this, my husband informed me that the colors we selected were not that close to any specific teams.

A blank CD


Velcro adhesive

Fabric scissors

Grapevine wreath

Ribbon for hanging the wreath


2) Use the CD to trace felt circles.  Cut the felt circles into a spiral.  I pinned the rosettes together until  I finished the 12 rosettes.  One sheet of felt equaled four rosettes.



3) Glue the rosettes at the end (with a glue gun).


4) After thinking more about the colors I used for the wreath, I didn’t want the wreath to be so permanent.  I looked around Pinterest and found several ways to create an interchangeable wreath.  I glued velcro on the wreath and on the back of the rosettes so I can swap out rosettes depending on the season.  I really want those dark blue rosettes that I originally picked out, ha! Maybe I could make a navy blue and coral wreath for the spring or summer…hmm.


5) Attach a ribbon and hang on your door!  This project took me about an hour and fifteen minutes, which wasn’t too bad since it was the first time I made the rosettes.  I was able to complete this project while Harper and Will napped!




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