Apple picking!

On Friday evening, my parents came over to spend the night so we could leave in the morning for a local apple orchard.  This is our third year going to the apple orchard with my parents, and I love this new tradition we’ve created!  We prefer to go later in October when the weather is cooler, but this year it only worked  for us to go the first weekend in October.  It was hot, exceptionally hot for October!  Like 86 degrees!  What’s up with this crazy weather?  I’ll take it though, since it will be cold and wintry soon enough!  Anyway, I wasn’t going to let the hot weather affect my dressing up the kiddos in cooler clothes/fall colors.

We arrived at Carter Mountain around 9:45am and didn’t get stuck in any traffic.  The mountain is always packed with people and typically we get stuck in traffic on the way up.  Once we arrived, we headed to the orchard and started to search for apples.  All of the Fuji apples were picked over, so we headed down the orchard to pick some Golden Delicious apples.  Along the way, we spotted a big black snake hanging out of a tree-yuck!  I absolutely hate snakes, and this one was big!  It slithered away as we went past.  Will kept saying, “Did you see that snake?  Are you sure it was a snake?”  It was the first time he saw a snake up close and in nature (he’s seen them at the zoo before).

We found some Golden Delicious apples and sat down to eat some of our newly picked apples.  Miss H. kept dropping her apple on the ground.  She would take a bite or two and then it would fall to the ground.  When I tried to clean it off, she had a fit!  She loves apples, and so does Will!

apple orchard-H

After picking several bags of apples (Golden Delicious and Jonagolds), we headed back to the barn area and bought some apple cider donuts and water.  Yummy!  I also bought some already picked Fuji apples since they’re one of my faves and we couldn’t find any in the orchard.

apple orchard-Will

My mom purchased an apple cider slushie (it was certainly hot enough for it!  Too hot for hot apple cider!) and the kids loved it!  Next time, I will be getting a slushie, too!  We wanted to go on a wagon ride, but the line was way too long and the kiddos were getting super fussy.  Such a fun time, though!  Another activity crossed off our fall fun list!

P.S. I love to compare how much the kiddos have changed each year!  On the left is our trip last year when Will was two and Harper was seven months.  On the right is our trip this year-Will is three and Harper is one and a half.

apple orchard 2012 fam apple orchard 2013


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