Organization-baskets, baskets, and more baskets!

I love everything organization! Here are a few ways I use baskets/containers in my home to stay organized:

~Baby changing basket full of diapers, wipes, diaper cream, lotion, hand wipes. This basket stays on my dresser right beside our pack n play/changing table.


~This basket, which sits beside our phone in our kitchen, holds pens, pencils, sticky notes, my camera (for quick access to take pics of the kiddos), and any recent mail/bills.


~This is a peek into my pantry. Several years ago I bought the white containers and labeled/organized my pantry.


~I organize all of my thank you cards, birthday cards, and miscellaneous cards in this basket. It also includes stamps, an address stamper, tape, a stapler, pens, my address book, and anything else I need when mailing letters. While I like sending handwritten letters and notes, I hate picking out the cards. Each January I buy all of the birthday cards I need for the entire year! This system works very well for me! I also purchase several additional cards that I might need throughout the year. Having an address stamper is a nice time saving tool as well!


~My Keurig cups are organized in this pretty ceramic basket from Target. I don’t have room on our counter to display it, but when we have guests stay with us, we get it out.


~I have two linen boards in between the mirror above my dresser where I hang my jewelry. It’s a very pretty way to display my necklaces (which tend to stay on the board more than on me-with having little kiddos, I often forget to put on jewelry, ha!).


~This is one of three baskets from The Land of Nod for organizing toys. My son has a green one in his room and we have a light blue one in our bonus room (where the majority of the toys are). The brown basket stays in our living room downstairs and blends in fairly well with the decor.
20130722-145712.jpg~How do you use baskets to organize?


2 thoughts on “Organization-baskets, baskets, and more baskets!

    • It’s so much easier, too! I’m cheap when it comes to cards-I usually hit up the dollar section for cards:) I really need to make my own..that would save lots of money! Anyway, the cashiers usually looks at me like I’m crazy when I hand them a stack of cards, so I explain my card process to them:)

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