Weekly Pinterest Project-Week 10: Organizing the Hallway Closet

For my next project, I decided to do a little organizing instead of cooking or baking! I love all things organizing and have pinned lots of pics of nicely organized rooms and closets. One of the tips I came across was to fold sheet sets and store them inside one of the pillowcases. That way, you wouldn’t have random sheets floating around and not matching up. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that before?

Anyway, I thought I’d give that a try. We store most of our sheets in a trunk in our master bedroom. Our upstairs hallway has a closet, which is full of extra pillows, bedding, a paper shredder (random, I know), beach towels, blankets, and a few other items. I keep Will’s sheets in his closet (just more convenient) and Harper’s crib sheets in her closet. All of our bath towels are in the bathroom closet.

Here’s what it looked like before I rearranged and organized.  Blankets were shoved onto the shelves and it just looked messy.  I also thought I could utilize the space better and add more linens to the closet.

hall closet before

To start, I pulled everything into the hallway and determined what needed to be donated to Goodwill and what I  needed to keep.  I ended up only donating an old, old sheet set to Goodwill; everything else was neatly folded and rearranged.

hall org in progress

Here’s what it looks like now, after sorting and organizing the quilts on one shelf (BTW, those quilts were made by my husband’s grandmother and are very special to us, though some of the color choices are interesting!), towels on another, and pillows on the top.  I added a few baskets (several are on the bottom and you can’t see in this pic) to help with storage.  Overall, this was a $0 cost organization project-I found the baskets in another closet and used them.  Now we will see how long it will look this neat, ha!

after-hall closet

Since my original intention was to organize our sheets, I pulled everything out of the trunk in our master bedroom and organized the sheets inside the pillowcases.  Such a neat trick!  I also took the sheets out of the hall linen closet and consolidated them in the trunk.  I plan on doing several more Pinterest organization projects in the future!

linen organization


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