Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 11-Scarf Organization

Wow-two weeks in a row of not making a new recipe for my Pinterest project!  I’m on an organization kick around here lately, so I decided to tackle organizing my scarves.  On my Pinterest organization board, I pinned several ways to organize scarves.  I was specifically looking for a no-cost way to display my scarves and saw how you could tie your scarves and hang them on the wall.  I adapted this by hanging them on an empty hanging rod in our closet.  Not only does it nicely display my scarves but it also hides a hideous small shoe rack full of shoes we don’t wear very often (I should go through these and donate some).  I thought I had a ton of scarves until I organized them…maybe it’s time to buy some more?!  Anyway, I need to do more organizing in our master bedroom closet, but this is a start!

scarf organization 1

Oh, I just received a cashmere scarf from Afghanistan!  My husband’s co-worker picked up the blue/purple patterned scarf to the far right (you can see it best on the picture below) at a local bazaar while she was on rotation in Afghanistan.  It’s so beautiful!

scarf 2


2 thoughts on “Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 11-Scarf Organization

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