Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 16-Thankful Turkeys

For my Thanksgiving Pinterest project, Will and I created some thankful turkeys. I took some step by step pictures of us making the craft, but my computer is currently broken and I don’t have access to those pics. An iPhone pic will have to do…at least I have a picture for this project! Last week my Pinterest fail didn’t even include a picture:(.

Anyway, Will collected a few pinecones at Nana’s and I bought some eyes and brown pom poms for the turkey faces.

I traced Will’s hand on some cardstock and wrote, “I am thankful for…” on it. We glued the eyes and pom pom onto the pinecone, along with a beak made from cardstock. On the second pinecone, we created the turkey face and cut out three feathers from the fall color cardstock. I asked Will to tell me some things he was thankful for. Here’s what he said: “My neighbors, my sister, and Rody” (Rody is one of his toys). It was so sweet to hear that he was thankful for his neighbors and sister:)

This was a fun, yet simple project! We tried to get Miss Harper to participate, but she was super fussy and wanted to play with play dough instead:)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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