Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 17-Cake Batter and Snickers Dip

For my weekly Pinterest project, I decided to make some dessert dips! Once a month at school, a different grade level is responsible for providing snacks and yummy treats. It was my month so I opted to make two super easy dessert dips, among a few other things. Last year, I made a chocolate chip cookie dough dip and a brownie batter dip (both very yummy). This year, I wanted to try a few new recipes. After browsing Pinterest, I decided on this cake batter dip from Six Sisters Stuff. Their blog has many delicious recipes I’ve tried, so I figured the dip would be good! Will and Harper decided to help me:) They love standing on their stools in the kitchen and helping mommy cook! So sweet!

Anyway, for the cake batter dip, I mixed together two cups of fat free Greek yogurt, a box of funfetti cake mix, one jar of sprinkles, and 8 ounces of cool whip. That’s it! So simple but yummy. The Greek yogurt gives it a tang, but it goes well with the flavor of cake batter. I brought vanilla wafers to dip into the cake batter dip, but you could also use graham crackers (or eat it by the spoonful!).

I also made a Snickers dip with cream cheese, cool whip, brown sugar, and chopped snickers from this blog. The Snickers dip was a big hit! (I don’t have any pics of it because our computer is still not working and my phone camera decided to freeze up).

What are some of your favorite dips?





2 thoughts on “Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 17-Cake Batter and Snickers Dip

  1. This looks insanely good… I will be making it soon! Thanks for sharing, I’ve been trying to figure out what to bring to a holiday party this weekend and this will be a hit. Happy Monday 🙂

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