Weekly Pinterest Project-Week 18: Twenty Five Christmas Activities



Hello and Happy Monday! I wanted to do a special activity with Will (and Harper) each day until Christmas. I brainstormed a list of 25 activities and wrote them on slips of green paper. I picked up a white tin from Target’s dollar aisle where I folded up and put the slips of paper. Each day, Will and I select an activity to do together. I combined a variety of easier and more involved activities and carefully select each day’s activity depending on whether it is a school night or the weekend.

After Christmas, I plan on buying a countdown calendar (maybe this one) and will slip the activities in each day.

Here are the 25 activities I came up with (in no specific order):
1. Attend Christmas parade
2. Make gingerbread and/or peppermint playdough
3. Cookie day
4. Drive around in pajamas and look at Christmas lights
5. Donate toys to local organization (Salvation Army, etc.)
6. Read a Christmas book
7. Go to daddy’s work Christmas party
8. Go to a local nursery and select Christmas tree
9. Decorate Christmas tree
10. Read a Christmas book (this shows up several times because it’s an easy but fun activity)
11. Watch a Christmas movie
12. Wear new Christmas pajamas
13. Make pinecone birdseed feeders
14. Create paper snowflakes
15. Pics with Santa at our local toy store
16. Make a snack necklace
17. Eat a red/green dinner
18. Read a Christmas book
19. Drink hot chocolate
20. Make Christmas cookies
21. Donate canned goods to the local food bank
22. Create and eat holiday shaped snacks
22. Decorate a gingerbread house
24. Write a letter to Santa
25. Read a Christmas book


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