Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 21-An Organized Pantry

In preparation for 2014 and all the organization projects that people tackle, I thought I’d share this quick pantry organization post. I absolutely LOVE to organize! My mother-in-law has been wanting me to organize her pantry for a long time, and I finally got around to organizing it. We went to Wal-Mart (my least favorite place in the world but pretty much the only place to shop where my in-laws live) and purchased all the white bins they had. When we returned home, I took everything off each shelf and had my mother-in-law go through and throw out any old food. We found some cans from 2009-oh, my!

I organized the pantry similar to how ours is organized, using white bins and sorting food by canned goods, pasta and rice, baking supplies, etc. Using the bins really helps to corral the items and keeps things much more organized. I told her I will be checking in with her periodically and making sure everything is still in its correct place, ha! My father-in-law even created labels for the shelves to ensure that everything stays organized (after these pics were taken).

Here’s the before, with my mother-in-law doing a Vanna-ish pose:


And after:


My next goal is to organize our bonus room/playroom and all the toys my kiddos received for Christmas!


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