Five on Friday-Toy Edition


Happy New Year! It’s so hard to believe that 2014 is here! 2013 flew by! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for the first Five on Friday link- up in 2014! I had to go back to work yesterday (boo) but greatly enjoyed my time off. I’m looking forward to some snow days in January and February:)

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of the cool things my kiddos got for Christmas.




The Squigz is such a fun toy! These silicone rubber suction pieces stick to any smooth surface. You can build some fun shapes and creations with them. The company makes a PipSquigz for babies as well, which are much bigger. Will and Harper (and me!) love building things with these toys!



My sister-in-law got my nephew some of these Magformers for his birthday this summer. My husband and I thought they were so fun (and Will enjoyed playing with them) that we bought Will a set for Christmas. They are super magnetic and it’s easy to construct shapes with them. It comes with a booklet that shows you step by step how to build castles and rockets. Or, you could spend countless hours building your own designs.



In an attempt to organize our toys, I bought an orange Swoop bag from our local toy store. We use the Swoop bag as a playmat for Will’s Duplos. So far, it’s worked great and has contained the Duplos in one spot. There’s also a smaller Swoop bag, which would be good for traveling.



Miss Harper is obsessed with cats, so this year was a “Cat Christmas” for her, ha! She got a little stuffed cat with a purple purse, kitten stickers, and this cute book from the “That’s Not My” series of books. If you haven’t seen these books, go check them out! I love the sensory items on each page. I think there’s a “That’s Not My” for anything you could imagine! We have the plane, tractor, penguin, snowman, and now kitten “That’s Not My” books!



This isn’t a toy but I got it for Harper for Christmas and think it’s so cool! Will and Harper eat tons of applesauce in the squeeze pouches, which gets expensive and wasteful. We have been using these reusable squeeze pouches and are loving them! They are fairly easy to clean and pretty easy to fill with applesauce. I want to try filling them with yogurt as well

What fun gifts did your kiddos receive?


4 thoughts on “Five on Friday-Toy Edition

  1. These toys are awesome!! I love the reusable applesauce packs too, I’m going to have to pick some of those up. Mason goes through those packs like crazy! Have a wonderful weekend!

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