Five on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday:)

{one} I bought this cute gold polka dot binder at Target a few weeks ago. My plan is to create a home organizing binder with it, but I haven’t gotten very far, ha!  It’s on my to-do list, though.

home organizer

{two} I’m loving mason jars and all the things you can do with them! I’m even creating Harper’s 2nd birthday party around a mason jar theme.  I picked up these jars at Target (of course!) and have plans to fill them with different spices and herbs we buy in bulk. I’m also going to use them to store homemade taco season and dry ranch dressing mix (soon to come on one of my Pinterest project posts!).  Have you seen the beautiful blue and green mason jars?  So pretty!

mason jars

{three} While this is not a good picture, I made some lasagna soup from the blog, Carolina Charm, few days ago.   It’s a delicious soup with a creamy, spicy flavor! Though it turned out yummy, it’s definitely not a replacement for the vegetable lasagna I make. I highly recommend this taco soup recipe from Carolina Charm. I made it last week and it was so tasty!

lasagna soup

{four} Birthday party prep!  I created two Instagram photo banners displaying pictures of Miss Harper from the past year.  I made the clothespins from washi tape and mini clothespins.

party prep

{five} I love scarves!  This beautiful scarf was given to me by one of my husband’s co-workers.  She recently returned from a rotation in Afghanistan and brought this back for me from one of the local markets there.  It will join my other scarves in my closet, including another scarf from my husband’s co-worker. So pretty!

scarf love

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rocks and Mud Puddles-Spring is Coming! // It’s the Little Things


Hello:) I’m linking up with Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley from Words About Waverly for their link-up, “It’s the Little Things.”

What an amazing weekend! The temps were in the 60s and we soaked up lots of time in the sun! Now it’s back down to colder temps (boo), but spring is around the corner. Some of our flowers have started to pop up through the ground, yay!  We spent time outside in our yard and at the park.  We are SO READY for spring! Less than a month now! I should know exactly how many days because Harper turns 2 on the first day of spring!

Will and Harper played well together in the rocks for about half an hour.  They loved scooping up the rocks for the dump truck, then dumping them back into the driveway.  Not pictured, but we spent some time splashing around in mud puddles and making grass food for the cows!  Sidenote-any recommendations on where I can buy rain boots for my kiddos? I looked at Target over the weekend and they were all sold out. I knew I should have bought an adorable pair of floral boots I saw at Target a few weeks ago:(


Sandbox fun! My kiddos love digging around in the sandbox and swinging on the gym set.


I got my shovels and I’m ready to dig! Miss Ballerina was twirling around all day and pointing to her shirt, ha!


I’m hoping we get more nice weather in the next few weeks! I’m so over the snow and cold:)

Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 29 -Painter’s Tape Race Track


On a recent snow day, I browsed Pinterest to find some new activities.  We had been stuck inside for several days due to extremely cold temps and needed something new to do.  I came across several race car tracks made with tape, which looked fun!  After rummaging around in the garage, I came across a roll of blue painter’s tape to use for this project.


I started off creating a track around the downstairs (looping around the stairs-from the kitchen, through the dining room and into the living room and back to the kitchen).  However, it soon became more fun for Will and Harper to take pieces of the tape and create their own parking lots and roads.  We used up a whole roll of the tape, which was well worth it! As with other activities, Will had more fun constructing the road than he did with actually driving cars on the road.







I recommend this fun activity for a day when you’re stuck inside and need some new ideas.  You could use painter’s tape, masking tape, or even some fun colored Washi tape!

Five on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday:)

{one} I’m so happy that it’s starting to seem more like spring! We got outside earlier this week and played.  I’m loving the 50-60 degree temps!  Our 14+ inches of snow has finally melted!  Now it’s off to stomp in the mud puddles:)


{two} My friend made this taco soup from Carolina Charm (love this blog!) and I decided to try it. The soup turned out delicious, with wonderful flavors. It combines taco seasoning and a package of ranch dressing (which kind of sounds weird) but it was so yummy! My husband requested that I include this dish in our menu rotation.  I tend to make lots of new recipes and end up forgetting about them, ha! This will definitely be one I make again. It was also very easy:)

taco soup

{three} My friend and college roommate recently opened up an Etsy shop called “My Honey Bee Shop” and is selling natural lip balm. I bought some  and received it in the mail this week. It’s very nice lip balm-I like that it’s natural and made by someone I know. I love supporting sellers on Etsy, especially when I know them personally! I always dream about having my own Etsy shop–that would be so fun! (though I don’t know what I would sell, ha!).

lip balm

{four} I have been saying for months (maybe years) that I need to print some of the oodles of Instagram pictures I take, and I have finally gotten around to it!  I ordered 24 pictures from Prinstagram to use as a photo display of Miss Harper’s 2nd year (for her birthday party).  I tried to order a variety of pictures that shows how much she has grown in the past year! They turned out great!

instagram pics

{five}…go out and read this book, NOW! I love Jodi Picoult, and this was probably one of her best books ever! I started listening to it on CD in the car on my drive to and from work and finally finished it this week.  It’s about a young woman whose grandmother is a Holocaust survivor and becomes friends (not knowingly) with a Nazi SS guard.  The way Jodi Picoult intertwines the stories in this book is amazing, and listening to it on CD makes it even better with the different narrators.  I’m so sad that it’s over…I didn’t want the book to end.  Any recommendations on what to read next? My drive to and from work is now seeming really long since I don’t have a compelling novel to keep me entertained!


Happy Friday:)

Capturing the Little Moments


Happy Wednesday! I’m linking up with Ashley and Jess for their fun link-up! Since Will was born, one of my goals has been to take tons of pictures, capturing our everyday life.  It seems like I go through phases where I take a lot of pictures, then other weeks when I don’t take many at all. I’m trying to find a balance and want to capture the everyday moments.  Oftentimes, my camera is downstairs when I need it upstairs to snap a picture quickly. By the time I run down to get the camera, the kiddos have moved on and I’m not able to capture that moment.

I was able to get some random pics the other day as we were going through our morning routine.  Will decided he wanted to fix his hair and brush his teeth at the same time-multi-tasking at its finest, ha!


Will and Harper have been obsessed with floss lately.  Every time I get out the floss, they each want some.  Harper just likes the taste of it! IMG_7409

Here’s one way to keep Miss Harper still-set her on the counter and snap away! I was standing right beside her the whole time, don’t worry:) She loves to brush her teeth but hates it when mommy and daddy help her.  Miss Independent!


Do you have any good tips on capturing the everyday moments?

Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 28-Peanut Butter Energy Bites


Hello and happy Monday:) I made these easy no bake energy bites recently, which turned out delish!

I’m not a big breakfast person…well, I take that back. I love breakfast food and enjoy cooking eggs, pancakes, waffles, etc. on the weekends but during the work week, I’m not big on eating breakfast. Part of it is because I’d rather sleep in a few minutes longer and eat something on the run. I came across these energy bites and whipped them up in no time at all. I didn’t have any coconut, so I added a little more oats. I substituted some Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips for the mini chocolate chips. They are a wonderful breakfast on the go! They’re like dessert and have a nice, honey peanut butter taste to them! Will and Harper greatly enjoyed them as well! Next time, I plan on adding coconut and possibly some chia seeds to them.



Down on the Farm

We have lived out in the “country” for almost seven years. My husband and I built our house in May 2007 and moved from the “city” to the country. I use these terms loosely since the “city” we lived in was very small and now that we are out in the county, it’s not that far from the nearest grocery store.  I grew up out in the boonies, about 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store (which was located in a small town with a population of approximately 5,000), so where we currently live isn’t very rural at all. But we love it here! Our property is next to a small dairy farm owned by a very nice Mennonite family.  The brother and his wife and family live on the main farm and the brother’s sister, M. lives in a small house on the same farm.  She’s the one I text whenever there’s a cow out, ha!

The other week, M. invited us to come watch them milk the cows. It happened to be the same weekend that my husband’s parents were visiting, so we took Mimi and Grandaddy along.  Miss H. was particularly fasciated by the farm dog, Hope, who gave Harper lots of kisses.  Will was a little more hesitant of Hope, which suprised me, since he usually loves dogs.





M. gave us the run-down of how the dairy operations work (we had visited several years ago and watched them milk, but this was the first time that Will and Harper had been there). Below are Will and Harper, along with M’s nephew and nieces. They are the sweetest children, so polite and kind.


Harper took off her coat and wanted to stay awhile. She literally took it off and was about to throw it on the ground…thank goodness I caught it!




Then, M. put Will and Harper up to pet the cows while they were being milked.  They loved it!  We got to taste some whole milk and some whole chocolate milk-both were so rich and delicious!  They also sell eggs, so we picked up a dozen of their fresh farm eggs.

The kiddos took us to see the calves, who stay in a nearby barn.  They were so, so white! While in the barn, a mouse ran across the ground and terrified me. I absolutely cannot stand mice.  Yuck.  We also got to see Chubbs, the pig that they’re raising to eat.  When it was time to go, Harper had a meltdown and wanted to stay.  I think we might have a little farm hand in our future, ha!

M. and her brother and family have been great neighbors.  They plow us out any time we get lots of snow, like this past week. Otherwise, we would still be trapped at home.  We help them out by watching out for runaway cows, and we often herd the cows back in the field when we can.  I’m so glad for the opportunity to live near them and for my kiddos to see what farm life is like.