Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 26-Muffin Tin Lunch


Happy Monday! I have a quick, fun post today:) Recently, Will has become a super picky eater. Foods like lasagna and homemade pizza are no longer appealing to him. I’m hoping it’s just a (short) phase but I’ve had to get more creative with his meals. I don’t want to become one of those parents who cooks a separate meal for their kiddos. Nope, sorry, you’re going to eat (or at least try) what I’m making for dinner! I always make sure to include a variety of foods for Will that I know he likes (along with our main dish), such as cheese, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

I came across a fun way to display food in muffin tins. Here was Will’s lunch:

Dried cranberries
Mac and cheese
Sweet potatoes

It was hard to find 12 different items to include, but Will greatly enjoyed it! He ate everything (except for the cheese) and wanted seconds of several items!



I plan to use the muffin tin periodically for serving Will’s lunch and love the idea of Bento lunches! Any fun lunch ideas to help with a picky preschooler?!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 26-Muffin Tin Lunch

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