{It’s the Little Things}


Happy Wednesday! I’m joining Ashley and Jess for their new link-up:)

I just love sleeping babies! It’s so precious to watch them while they are sleeping. I can’t get over how big my two have gotten! Will turns four in May and Harper will be two next month! They are no longer my little babies:( I’m cherishing every minute with them because time certainly flies by!  It just seemed like yesterday that Will was a newborn cuddling in my arms.  Although he’s going to be four, he is such a mama’s boy.  Will constantly wants to do everything that mommy is doing and always wants to be with me.

I took this picture the other afternoon (during one of our snow days!) after he had fallen asleep.  When he goes down for naps, I stay with him (usually) until he is asleep.  On this particular day, he was clutching “Pam-Pam,” his caterpillar.  He became obsessed with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” when he was one and has loved the plush caterpillar we bought for him ever since.


Miss H. is a mama’s girl (though not as quite a mama’s kiddo as Will is) and loves to cuddle.  I put her down for naps (on the weekends when I’m home) and to bed each night.  I miss the fact that she doesn’t nurse any more…I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences breastfeeding Will until he was 18 months and Harper until she was 19 months.  I wasn’t ready to stop nursing  her but one day she decided she was finished.  I still love rocking her to sleep each night and holding her tight, knowing that she’s growing up so fast!



10 thoughts on “{It’s the Little Things}

  1. Visiting from the link up. Harper and Will look so adorable as they sleep! Does Harper sleep well in a sleep sack still? I was afraid my 20 month old would trip in it if I still used one.

    • Oh yes, we love our sleep sacks! Will used a sleep sack until he was almost three (we got the kind with holes for the feet) and Harper is still using the ones without holes. We just put her in it right before bed and take it off right after she wakes up, so we don’t have to worry about her tripping and hurting herself. Thanks for visiting:)

  2. You are so right – sleeping babies are just precious!!!! My little guy also turns 4 in May. What day is Will’s birthday? Mason’s is the 25th. Adorable photos!

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