Five on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday:)

{one} I made these delicious Valentine’s chocolate chip cookie bars recently.  They were so yummy!  Chocolate chips and M&Ms! A winning combo!  I love making bar cookies since they are so much easier-baking individual cookies takes too long:)


{two} Meal plan prep and a peek into my fridge! I always love reading posts about what’s in people’s refrigerators.  It’s kind of nosy but I like seeing what other people eat, ha!  Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of food prep on Sundays-I plan out meals for the week and Will and I go grocery shopping.  I have been making two dinners on Sunday (one for Sunday evening and the other, typically a crock pot meal, for Monday since Will has music class). I also take some time on Sunday to chop up fresh fruit and vegetables for the week.  Doing this prep on Sunday saves me some time during the busy work week.  Any suggestions on making meal planning/cooking easier?


{three} I’m loving this spoon necklace from The Vintage Pearl, another one of my favorite places to buy jewelry!  So pretty! I’m thinking about getting one with my kiddos’ initials.


{four} I first saw these mason jars from Julie at The Girl in the Red Shoes and knew I had to get one for Will and Harper!  The kiddos and I are on a smoothie kick and I’ve been looking for a cup with a straw and lid for them.  I ordered one for Will with a train in his favorite colors-orange, blue, and green and one for Harper with a purple horse (both personalized).  I can’t wait to use them for our yummy green smoothies! (I plan on doing a Pinterest post about the green smoothies-when I first saw smoothies made with spinach, I thought they would be disgusting. However, they are very yummy!).


{five} Have you heard of the app, Waterlogue?  I read about it on several blogs this week and decided to download it.  I typically don’t purchase many apps (there are so many good free ones out there) but Waterlogue sounded fun! It takes your pictures and turns them into watercolors.  I have played with it several  times and it’s so much fun!  Here are a few pictures from the app:)




Have a great Friday!

P.S. I was having some difficulty with my WordPress app last night. I was making some revisions and it accidentally posted this last night.  When I tried to correct it, my post disappeared:( I had to re-type the whole thing, boo:(


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