Capturing the Little Moments


Happy Wednesday! I’m linking up with Ashley and Jess for their fun link-up! Since Will was born, one of my goals has been to take tons of pictures, capturing our everyday life.  It seems like I go through phases where I take a lot of pictures, then other weeks when I don’t take many at all. I’m trying to find a balance and want to capture the everyday moments.  Oftentimes, my camera is downstairs when I need it upstairs to snap a picture quickly. By the time I run down to get the camera, the kiddos have moved on and I’m not able to capture that moment.

I was able to get some random pics the other day as we were going through our morning routine.  Will decided he wanted to fix his hair and brush his teeth at the same time-multi-tasking at its finest, ha!


Will and Harper have been obsessed with floss lately.  Every time I get out the floss, they each want some.  Harper just likes the taste of it! IMG_7409

Here’s one way to keep Miss Harper still-set her on the counter and snap away! I was standing right beside her the whole time, don’t worry:) She loves to brush her teeth but hates it when mommy and daddy help her.  Miss Independent!


Do you have any good tips on capturing the everyday moments?


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