Rocks and Mud Puddles-Spring is Coming! // It’s the Little Things


Hello:) I’m linking up with Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley from Words About Waverly for their link-up, “It’s the Little Things.”

What an amazing weekend! The temps were in the 60s and we soaked up lots of time in the sun! Now it’s back down to colder temps (boo), but spring is around the corner. Some of our flowers have started to pop up through the ground, yay!  We spent time outside in our yard and at the park.  We are SO READY for spring! Less than a month now! I should know exactly how many days because Harper turns 2 on the first day of spring!

Will and Harper played well together in the rocks for about half an hour.  They loved scooping up the rocks for the dump truck, then dumping them back into the driveway.  Not pictured, but we spent some time splashing around in mud puddles and making grass food for the cows!  Sidenote-any recommendations on where I can buy rain boots for my kiddos? I looked at Target over the weekend and they were all sold out. I knew I should have bought an adorable pair of floral boots I saw at Target a few weeks ago:(


Sandbox fun! My kiddos love digging around in the sandbox and swinging on the gym set.


I got my shovels and I’m ready to dig! Miss Ballerina was twirling around all day and pointing to her shirt, ha!


I’m hoping we get more nice weather in the next few weeks! I’m so over the snow and cold:)


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