Maple Festival Fun!

On Saturday, we headed over the mountain to a nearby county for their annual (56th this year) Maple Festival.  We have been several times before, but this was Miss Harper’s first time. We didn’t go last year due to the weather and sick kiddos, and in 2012 when we went, I was nine months pregnant with Harper.

In Highland County, there are several sugar camps scattered throughout the rural landscape.  We have visited several of them but prefer Eagles’ Sugar Camp the best.  We headed to Eagles’ and showed Will and Harper how maple syrup is made.  Growing up, a good friend of mine and her family made maple syrup each year.  I loved helping and spent the night at her house often during maple syrup season.  They tapped maple trees all over their 50+ acre farm and used their horses, Jack and Danny, to help haul the huge container of sugar water back to the sugar camp where it was  boiled down to make delicious syrup. Anyway, back to our day at the maple festival!

Walking to the sugar camp.

maple 2

Watching the sugar water drip into the bucket.

maple syrup 1

Observing the sugar water boil and (eventually) turn into maple syrup.  It takes approximately 40 quarts of sugar water to make a quart of maple syrup.

maple 3

Maple syrup prices this year-it wasn’t the best year for maple syrup production.

maple 4

Watching a tractor deliver a huge container of sugar water.

maple 5

Peeking at the sugar water in the buckets.

maple 6

After visiting the sugar camp and purchasing some maple syrup, we headed to a nearby town for lunch.  Originally, we wanted to get pancakes, but the line was over an hour long (thousands of people attend this festival).  We headed across the road to a little general store where we ate maple bbq chicken and maple glazed donuts!  They were delicious!

maple 7

A peek inside the general store.

maple 8

We all had an excellent time and are looking forward to next year’s festival!



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