Weekly Pinterest Project-Week 31: Washi Tape Flag Labels


Hello! I’m doing more prep for Miss Harper’s 2nd birthday, so I thought I’d share these cool washi tape flag labels.  Her birthday theme is loosely based around mason jars, using the colors of green, navy blue, and hints of pink.  I’m using washi tape in several of her decorations, so I guess it could be a mason jar/washi tape themed birthday party, ha!  (Sidenote: washi tape is the coolest thing! So many fun crafts you can make with it!)

I bought some plastic mason jars with cute daisy lids on Etsy for her party (in two sizes-one regular size for the adults and a smaller size for the kiddos) and found some striped straws (love the paper straws-they come in so many fun designs!) but needed a way to write everyone’s names on the cups.  In the past, we just used  colored cups and guests wrote their names on the cups with a black sharpie (classy, I know!).  I plan on writing the guests’ names on the cups once I know who will be attending her party.  I recently heard from my brother and sister-in-law in North Carolina who plan on coming up to Virginia for Harper’s party, yay!  I also sent an invitation to one of my brother’s who lives in Colorado since over Christmas, he told me he was disappointed he wasn’t invited last year to his niece’s and nephew’s birthdays.  He was totally joking, but I took him up on sending him an invite anyway:)

Anyway, all I did to create these flags is fold over a piece of washi tape on the straw.  It was kind of hard to get the tape perfectly even, but after several tries, it became easier.  Then I cut the tape in a V shape to make it look more like a flag.  So easy! Oh, I realize that the picture makes the pink washi tape look more reddish but it’s actually a pretty coral/pinkish color.







2 thoughts on “Weekly Pinterest Project-Week 31: Washi Tape Flag Labels

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