Taking the Kiddos to Work // It’s the Little Things Link-Up


I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for their link-up!

Last week, we were out of school Monday through Wednesday as a result of snow/ice (we’ve had 12 snow days and many 2 hour delay days this school year!).  I had some paperwork that was due for an upcoming meeting, so I decided to take Will and Harper with me for a little while.  Plus, we needed to get out of the house! I packed lots of snacks and figured I would have plenty of new, interesting things in my classroom for them to play with, right?!

We lasted about an hour and a half and I got about 20 minutes of work done, ha!  It was very difficult to get tasks accomplished when they were bouncing around the room, coming up to me every few minutes and asking me what this was or how this worked.  They played with my Unifix cubes, colored on my whiteboard, ate tons of snacks, fiddled with the pencil sharpener, hid under the tables, and tore my room apart! However, they had a great time and I was able to get the paperwork submitted.  I don’t know how people do it who work at home with their kiddos in tow.  How do you get any work accomplished?!

Will keeps asking when we’re going back to “Mommy’s school” again.  Maybe next snow day:)

kids to school day


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