Five on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday! It’s been a long, busy week.

{one} Summertime (I wish!)! Since stores put out seasonal items so far in advance, I bought a bathing suit recently for Harper.  It is actually too big, so I need to exchange it for a smaller size.  She had an absolute tantrum when I tried to put it on her-she screamed and fussed the entire time.  Once it was on, she kept tugging at the straps and crying.  I’m hoping she will change her mind about wearing bathing suits once summer comes! Last year, she didn’t have a problem wearing her bathing suit.


{two} I made these yummy no bake granola bars the other day, which turned out delicious! So easy to make, especially since you don’t have to bake it:) The kiddos loved them!


{three} I’m seeing a food trend this week, ha! I love cooking and baking with my kiddos. We made a delicious honey peanut butter yogurt dip and dipped apples into it.  My kids love to dip their food into things, so this was a hit!


{four} Last weekend and earlier this week, it was so nice out! The temperature got up to the low 70s and it felt like spring! We enjoyed lots of time outdoors.  I pulled out a tub of colored rice that I had made (a while back) for Will and Harper.  Harper is really good about not putting things in her mouth, but I closely supervise this activity.  By the time they were finished playing with the rice, it was almost gone. Next time, I need to put down a tablecloth to help with the spills! I’m going to need to make more!


{five} Last weekend, the kiddos’ naps were all out of sorts since we went to a local maple festival. Will and Harper slept briefly in the car, so I decided to rest with them once we returned.  Ha, who was I kidding?! No one fell asleep:)


Have a wonderful weekend!


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