Mason Jar Uses

I’m just a little obsessed lately with mason jars! They are so versatile and can be used for so many things.  Growing up, my family had several large gardens and we canned and froze lots of vegetables and fruits. While  I don’t use mason jars nowadays for canning (the whole process of canning scares me-using the pressure cooker-I was and still am afraid of using a pressure cooker), I have gotten into using them more recently for storage. One of our goals several years ago was to get away from using plastic containers for food storage and other storage, so mason jars are perfect for this!

Here’s a small sampling of my current uses for mason jars around the house.

{1} Storage of dishwashing detergent

{2} Homemade chili powder and ranch seasoning mix

{3} Harper’s hair clips

mason jar 1

{4} Washi tape storage!

{5} Muffin tin liners

{6} Popcorn (we’ve recently gotten back into eating popcorn as a snack-we have one of those Whirly Pop makers, which makes excellent popcorn)

{7} Silverware for birthday parties

mason jar 2


Pinterest has many ideas on ways to use mason jars. Harper’s 2nd birthday theme is even loosely based around mason jars! BTW, have you seen the beautiful green and blue mason jars?! So, so pretty!

What do you use mason jars for?



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