Outdoor Fun! // It’s the Little Things


Hi! I’m linking up with Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley from Words About Waverly for their fun link-up:)

As spring SLOWLY approaches (boy, it’s been a long winter), we’re soaking up every possible nice minute outdoors.  It’s spring this week, the same day that my baby, Harper, turns two!

The other evening, we took a stroll down our road to visit the neighbor’s cows.  Some of the cows are so friendly and will let you pet them and feed them grass.


We joined our neighbors (not the farmer neighbors) and took a walk to see “Sha-sha” and “Dondee,” as Will used to call them. It’s actually Shadow, a horse, and Isaac, a donkey who live right up the road from us.  Their owners leave horse treats in their nearby horse trailer and every time we visit Shadow and Isaac, Will and Harper feed them.


Blowing bubbles outside! Just look at that blond hair! Harper’s hair is getting darker, but Will’s has stayed very blond. He was born with brown hair that turned red, then around one it turned blond.  Harper had brown hair when she was born, but it has turned lighter over the past two years.


Playing at a local park! We spent Saturday morning at a park, swinging, zooming down slides, and feeding the ducks.




I hope you are able to enjoy some nice weather! Spring is almost here!




4 thoughts on “Outdoor Fun! // It’s the Little Things

  1. Oh my goodness – how sweet are they when they are together?! It’s like they are shadows of each other! (And yes, what a long winter it has been!)

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