Cooking with Kiddos // It’s the Little Things


I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for their fun link-up! Today’s post is all about kiddos in the kitchen.  I love to cook and want to pass on this joy to my kiddos. I started cooking as a young child, always helping my mom with dinner and making desserts and other goodies.  We had a large garden and I assisted with canning, making jams and applesauce, and freezing vegetables.

I’m hoping that Will and Harper will learn some good cooking skills and will enjoy spending time in the kitchen creating meals.  At this point, their favorite part is licking the icing off the beaters, ha!



Trying to get every last bite from her birthday icing! Yum! More on Harper’s 2nd birthday recap here.


Dips are always a favorite! My kids love helping make easy dips! We recently made a peanut butter honey yogurt dip that was delicious!


Eating some snow cream!

Do you have any good recipes that are easy for aspiring young chefs?!




4 thoughts on “Cooking with Kiddos // It’s the Little Things

  1. My new favourite thing is getting Aria to me in the kitchen – she is one good stirrer! Licking the batter is still the best part of cooking though… Pancakes were the first recipe I ever learned to make, and it is the only recipe I can make from memory. Pretty basic!

  2. Cute photos! i just started letting Elin watch me make dinner more. She doesn’t want to help but she likes being together and watching me at this point. I’m sure she will eventually want to help.

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