Around Here Lately…

It’s been a little busy around here lately! On Sunday, my college roommate and her family visited for part of the afternoon. They travel to Tennessee to visit family and occasionally have time to visit on their way through. We hadn’t seen them since Harper was a few months old, so it had been a while! My roommate’s youngest daughter is one month older than Harper, so it was lots of fun to watch them play together!

Will had music class on Sunday and Monday, which wrapped up his Musikgarten classes until the fall.  His teacher offers a short spring session but things are way too busy at school in May for me to take him and Harper to class.  Here’s a pic of Will, one  of his music friends, and Ms. Sarah, the teacher.


Friends of ours came over Sunday evening right after music class to visit.  They are building a house right up the road from us and are using the same contractor we used.  They wanted to talk house stuff! I had to go back through our old house files to get more specific info for them…it’s been seven years since we built! My how time flies by! My friend has four children, so Will and Harper got to play with them. Her youngest daughter is two days younger than Will.  We were both in the hospital at the same time! I first met her back in the early 2000s when we were getting our master’s degree in education.  I ended up teaching middle school special education with her for several years.  She now works at a high school and I work at an elementary school, so we don’t see each other as much.  It was great to catch up with them!

Today, I had an eye doctor and dentist appointment.  Such fun! Not! However, it meant that I took the day off work and was able to take Will to preschool.  Since I work full time, my babysitter takes Will to preschool twice a week.  I have only taken him once this year, and that was when I went on his pumpkin patch field trip.  He showed me the whole preschool drop-off routine, where to park, how to sign in, etc. It was so fun! I brought Harper along as well.  She wanted to stay with the rest of the kiddos!

At preschool…


After picking up Will at preschool and dropping him off at Nana’s, I headed to the dentist. Fun, fun! While I was there, I scheduled Will’s first dentist appointment for the summer! He’s looking forward to going to the dentist and actually wanted to go with me today.  I had a little time in between my dentist appointment and my eye doctor’s appointment, so I stopped by Panera for a quick bite to eat.  I hate eating out by myself (and rarely do), but it wasn’t too bad at Panera. I ate a yummy chicken apple salad and read blogs…it was actually quite enjoyable! I stopped by Target and Michaels to get some party items for Will’s upcoming 4th Lego birthday party.  Then off to the eye doctor.

I have had some vision concerns lately and on Friday, I noticed some weird things happening with my vision. I immediately called my eye doctor and they recommended that I come in. At my appointment, they determined that I had an ocular migraine last week.  Not a big deal  but I need to continue to monitor and see how often they occur.  It initially scared me because of a recent eye diagnosis and some vision issues I need to monitor on a daily  basis.

After the eye appointment, I took Harper to  her last music class. We rushed home so we could enjoy the beautiful spring weather! We went with our neighbors to see Shadow and Isaac, a horse and donkey that live up the road.


Here’s to a more relaxing day tomorrow (but it’s back to work, boo).


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