Big Girl! // It’s the Little Things


Hello! I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for “It’s the Little Things.”  I can’t get over how big my little girl is getting. Miss Harper is becoming more and more independent every day! On Sunday, she asked to use the potty right before bath time.  She has asked before but when I tried to put her on the potty, she would refuse. Harper actually sat down on the potty and used it!  We were so proud of her! Will was encouraging her and told me that maybe she could be done with diapers now, ha! I wish! We gave her tons of high fives and praise.  She was so proud of herself; it was adorable:) Love her so much!

Running through the yard.  Playing outside is her favorite thing to do!


Selfie with mommy!


Going down the slide over and over again, while big brother plays in the sandbox.  Harper had been so nervous about going down the slide, but the other evening, she reached out for my hand and went down the slide…over and over and over! She eventually felt comfortable going down without holding onto my hand, so I was able to snap this picture of her flying off the slide.


But then, she’s still my sweet, precious baby girl.  Melts my heart:) Love you so much, Miss Harper!


{At her two year well check up yesterday, she weighed 22 pounds (2%ile) and was 31 1/2 inches (5%ile). So petite!}


6 thoughts on “Big Girl! // It’s the Little Things

  1. She is a petite little lady! Love that she worked out the courage to do the slide by herself! I need a slide in the back, I don’t think Aria would ever come inside =)

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