Chocolate Festival Fun!

On Saturday, we headed to our hometown for their annual chocolate festival.  It’s held each April and this year marked our third time attending.  It’s a fun chocolate tasting extravaganza where the streets are blocked off and downtown stores and other local businesses offer a variety of chocolate tastings.  The chocolate tasting tickets are sold in advance, and my husband’s parents typically pick them up for us each year.

We headed downtown to the festival shortly after arriving in West Virginia.  Miss Harper enjoying the wonderful weather!


Trekking up to an out-of-the-way restaurant that had a chocolate mousse cake with fresh whipped cream and raspberry coulis.  Along the way, we stopped by another restaurant and sampled their chocolate molten lava cake with creme fraiche.  Yum!


Waiting for a bite of chocolate!


Enjoying the chocolate mousse cake.


Will kept insisting on having his own, ha! The festival had 35 different tasting locations with goodies such as chocolate brownie s’mores with salty caramel drizzle, chocolate chip cupcakes with a hot fudge center and chocolate ganache, and a handmade vanilla bean marshmallow s’more pop.  Yum!


Trying to get a picture of me with the kiddos. It’s impossible to get them to look at the camera!


A view from above the town.


I think Will and Harper’s favorite part from the festival was playing with the puppies that were up for adoption.  I’m not a dog person at all, but they were pretty cute!


After our chocolate overload, we headed to Mimi and Granddaddy’s house to have lunch.  Mimi hid a few Easter Eggs outside for the kiddos to find.  Will enjoyed running through the yard, finding eggs! We had to keep telling him to save some eggs for Harper!


Finding eggs with Mimi!


After visiting with Mimi and Grandaddy, we headed up the mountain (about a 30 minute drive) to my parents’ house to spend the night.  At Grammy and Grandaddy’s, the kiddos enjoyed playing outside, riding bikes, taking walks, eating popsicles, “driving” on the tractor, and building train tracks.


My dad owns a nursery and sells Christmas trees.  Here’s Will “spraying” the new Christmas trees that Grandaddy recently planted.


On Saturday evening, we helped Grammy make peanut butter and coconut chocolate covered eggs.  It’s a family tradition to make these eggs, and it was so fun to have Will and Harper help! It had been over ten years since I helped make them, too, so that was neat!

We had Grammy’s yummy waffles with blueberry syrup on Sunday morning and headed back home after lunch.  We had a great time visiting family! But as usual, we were ready to get back home!


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