5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Christina and several others for 5 on Friday! We’re off enjoying our two days of spring break.  Since we had so many snow days this year, three of our spring break days were taken away. Despite that, I’m enjoying every moment with my kiddos and husband.

{one} Will had spring preschool pictures a few weeks ago.  He was so excited since it was a duck photo session and he was able to choose a duckling to hold.  He chose a little black duckling…so adorable! Even though I prefer to get digital copies of prints (the particular photographer they used only offered prints), I ordered a small package of prints to give to our family.


{two} Spring clothes!  Pretty soon, Miss Harper will be too big to wear the adorable Carter’s baby/toddler clothing.  Carter’s makes some of my favorite baby outfits, so when I found these spring sets at Kohl’s, I just had to get them! I had a coupon, plus all Carter’s clothes were on sale.  Yay! (And yes, my 2 year old still fits into 24 month clothes…she’s very petite!)


{three} Ramps! Any time I mention ramps, people give me a confused look.  Do you know what ramps are?  I grew up in Appalachia and my dad would go out in the woods in search of ramps each spring.  They are also called spring onions or wild leeks and are very strong tasting-kind of like a mixture between onions and garlic.  My mom sautés them up with a little olive oil.  Some people eat them raw, but they are way too strong that way.  Will and Harper took a bite but didn’t like them at all.



{four} We took the kiddos to a new playground last week.  It’s just several minutes from our house and has two play areas for the kiddos.  Will and Harper loved it!



{five} This picture is blurry, but I captured it the other evening in the car driving home. Harper was asleep and Will reached out to hold her hand.  Of course, he only held it for a minute and I had to rush to get this picture.  So sweet!  I love seeing how much they care for each other and love playing with each other.


I hope you have a wonderful Friday:)


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