Harper’s Hairstyle // It’s the Little Things


Hello! I’m linking up with Ashley from Words About Waverly and Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique today.

Miss Harper’s hair…it’s getting long and I need to find new styles for her.  Her hair is so thin, which makes it difficult to work with.  She has never liked headbands.  When I try to put them on her, she yanks them off:(  I love headbands and wish she would, too.  

The only way she will let me “style” her hair is swept to the side and clipped with a small barrette.  Now that her hair is getting long, I would love to try out new hairstyles.  I was able to clip her hair to the side and see how her hair would look in a ponytail.  So cute! However, she yanked it out shortly after I snapped this picture.  Since her hair is so thin, it’s difficult to try pigtails.  I need to attempt again, but last time I tried, she didn’t sit still long enough and screamed and yelled since I was trying something new.  She’s not a fan of anything new.


This is typically how she wears her hair.  She can’t stand it when her hair is in her face, so it always has to be clipped back like this.  Any suggestions on cute, easy ways to style an active toddler’s hair? Thanks!



13 thoughts on “Harper’s Hairstyle // It’s the Little Things

  1. Elin has the same type of hair. The best way for is clipped to the side as well. Elin won’ let me mess with hair long but sometimes we get a messy half up style.

  2. What a little cutie! My 2 year old has very fine, wispy hair. Her latest favorite style is a small braid on one side. She doesn’t like her hair in her face, either!

  3. Her hair is so pretty!!! The quickest and easiest option of course is the side swipe bow. I have gotten my daughter to sit still long enough for me to put a “boppy” (ponytail holder) in her hair pulling her bangs back and to the side for a half up action. She sees that I wear pony tail holders and gets excited to do what mommy is doing. Hope that helps! Good luck! Stopping by from the link up! -xo


  4. I’ve got exactly zero advice, but I think I see my future. Aria has like zero hair now, but what she has is so thin. I can’t even keep it in a clip it just slips right out. It is always falling in her eyes, and will not go to the side yet. Sigh. Good luck!

  5. She is such a cutie!!! I’m zero help in the toddler hair tips department…Sadie is almost 2 and her hair is just now finally starting to really grow! Pigtails won’t be an option for awhile though…the girl has been rocking a mullet for months! LOL

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