5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! We’re gearing up for Will’s fourth birthday party tomorrow, which will be tons of fun! I can’t believe that he will be four…the time has flown by! I’m linking up with Carolina Charm  and several other bloggers for 5 on Friday.

{one} Recently, I have been entering more giveaways and contests on blogs and Facebook.  Several weeks ago, I won some model airplane kits.  Last week, I won this cute Organic Bloom frame from a local photographer who was having a giveaway on Facebook. I’ve been eyeing the Organic Bloom frames for a while but they are pricey.  I’m loving this cute mini frame, which will go well in Miss Harper’s purple and blue bedroom.

{two} I’m enjoying having freshly picked (from our garden) flowers but my allergies are bad:( I’m frequently sneezing and have a scratchy throat.  Not fun, but it’s too nice not to be outside enjoying spring.  I’ve always heard that a good allergy remedy is to take a teaspoon of local honey each day.  Has anyone tried that?  Does it work? Now to seek out some local honey…I need to check out our local farmer’s market.


{three} I took Will last week to get his hair cut, and of course Miss Harper wanted to come with me.  Will has always done a great job getting his hair cut.  He especially likes going to our hair stylist because she always has a graham cracker snack for the kiddos.  Last time we went, Harper wanted her hair cut as well.  Denise, the hair stylist, let her sit on the chair and gave her a pretend haircut.  Now, Harper insists that she gets her hair cut after Will each time!



{four} I recently went through Harper’s clothes and finally moved them from a drawer in my dresser to her room.  Her dresser had been mostly empty until now.  It was just much easier for me to grab her clothes from my room since the changing table is in there.  However, I decided it was time for me to reclaim my dresser drawer! It’s amazing how many clothes I have accumulated for her and Will.  I buy clothes from my friend who has a little girl who’s almost four (her birthday is actually the day after Will’s and we were in the hospital at the same time; her room was right down the hall from me!), and my sister-in-law ships me her daughter’s old clothes. While I have tons of fall/winter clothes, my spring/summer clothing stash is looking a little small.  That means more clothes shopping! Fun!


{five} Young House Love is one of my favorite home DIY blogs! I love reading about Sherry and John’s latest home projects.  Target recently started carrying a collection of products designed by Young House Love.  I’m loving the wall hooks, especially the key hook.


I hope you all have  a great weekend! I will be back at the beginning of next week with a recap of Will’s 4th lego birthday party!




4 thoughts on “5 on Friday!

  1. I have a 3 year old little girl and am taking her in for her first haircut on Monday- I’m not sure how it’s going to go so it was encouraging to see your two littles sitting there and seeming to enjoy it! 😉 Found you through the link-up and will be following along now!

    • Thanks! I hope she does well! Harper just turned two and loves “pretending” to get her hair cut. My son has always been great about getting his hair cut. Thanks for visiting and following along!

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