Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 38-Magnetic Alphabet Boards


Hello! Today’s project is an easy DIY magnetic alphabet board set.  I was in search of ways to use magnetic letters in the house for the kiddos without using our fridge.  We have a stainless steel refrigerator and the sides of the refrigerator are covered up for the most part by cabinets and walls. I wanted a place for Will and Harper to work with alphabet magnets and came across some easy magnetic alphabet boards made from cookie sheets.  So, I headed to the local dollar store in search of some cheap cookie sheets.

For this project, you will need some magnetic letters (I didn’t have any but found a cute wooden set from Melissa and Doug at Target), a cookie sheet or two, washi tape, and some of the 3M command strips.  I attached the 3m strips on the back of the cookie sheets.



Decorate the rim with washi tape.  Trim any excess.


And hang!


I hung the magnetic boards in the bonus room, which serves as our multipurpose family/play room.  I’m glad I made two boards, especially since I have both letter and number magnets.  So fun! The kiddos love playing with the boards and trying to spell words:)


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