5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Carolina Charm and several other bloggers for 5 on Friday!

{one} Watermelon!  Summer is approaching! Yay! I love fresh fruit, and the kiddos eat it like it’s going out of style. I bought a huge watermelon recently and we ate the whole thing in the course of about five days. Will and Harper are fruit lovers of all kinds.  My husband…not so much.  He can’t stand the texture of fruit.  That’s ok…more for us!


{two} I taught Will and Harper how to take selfies with my iPhone, so now they are constantly asking to take “selfies.”  It’s so cute to hear Miss Harper ask, “Mommy, can I take a selfie?” Here’s a recent selfie taken by Will right before bed the other night.


{three} My baby…I enjoyed some snuggle time with her after Will’s birthday party last Saturday. Both kiddos were worn out and didn’t have naps that day.  She snuggled up with me and fell asleep.  Pretty soon, she will be too big and won’t want to take naps on mommy.  I’m trying so hard to soak up all these moments, especially since we are not planning on having any more kiddos:(


{four} My sweet boy turned four yesterday! This journey of motherhood has been amazing! Challenging at times but so rewarding. I can’t believe that he will be going to kindergarten next year! For a recap of his fun Lego birthday party, check out this post.


{five} Stylin’ in our new clothes! My Aunt Cindy sent Will and Harper each a gift for both Harper’s birthday and for Will’s birthday.  How sweet! Both kiddos were excited to open the gifts. She typically sends them clothes, which is great! She has good taste in clothing {don’t worry, the orange shorts are not from her…more on those in a minute) and always sends the correct sizes. She must ask my mom for size info or something, ha! For Will’s birthday, she sent him a really nice Adidas sweatshirt (modeled below) and a pair of what Will calls “comfy pants” (like wind pants, or pretty much any kind of pants except for jeans).

These orange shorts…oh my.  On Saturday, my in-laws took Will and Harper out to lunch and to Target to pick out some clothes for Will’s birthday.  My mother-in-law let Will pick out some of the clothes, and of course he picked these amazingly bright orange shorts!  She tried several times to convince him to pick a different pair (knowing that I was going to disapprove of the shorts), but he was set on getting these.  Every day when he wakes up, he asks if it’s warm enough for his orange shorts.  I decided that he can wear them as play clothes at Nana’s!


Miss Harper insisted on trying on one of her two dresses from Aunt Cindy.  Cute!


Have a wonderful Friday!


8 thoughts on “5 on Friday!

  1. Love the selfie. My son is 7 and for about 2 years now has been very adamant in what he wears. Seems like your son might be the same. I have finally let him choose but his rule is that it has to match and be appropriate for the occasion. Love Harper’s dress.

  2. How does your husband not like fruit? He’s missing out. 🙂 The picture of the kids taking a selfie made me think of the new song out called Selfie. I hate it, but the girl is so catchy. LOVE your son’s birthday shirt. I have been looking for one for my son’s birthday. Found you through the link up. Have a great weekend!

  3. We bought our first watermelon last week- and I devoured it. I started eating it with salt this year- and it changed everything about my life. Haha! 🙂

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a great weekend!

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