IKEA Trip!

A few weekends  ago, we took a trip to the nearest Ikea, which happens to be about two and a half hours away.  I had only been to Ikea once before, and that was several years ago before kiddos.  I was  wanting to go back to Ikea to check out all the toys and furniture for kids and was inspired by this blog post with Ikea must-haves for toddlers.

Snoozin’ on the ride up to Northern Virginia.


We arrived at Ikea right around lunchtime, so we headed straight to the cafe.  Will and Harper shared some pasta, yogurt, and fruit while I enjoyed some delicious salmon.  My husband ordered some chicken and fries.


After lunch, Will wanted to go to the Ikea play area.  We were surprised but very glad that he went to the play area and stayed with other kiddos while Harper, my husband, and I walked around Ikea for a little.  If you haven’t been to Ikea before, it’s very kid-friendly.  A play area for kiddos who are potty trained, a kids’ area in the cafe, accommodating restrooms with changing tables and stools for kiddos to reach the sink, and just in general kid-friendly.

Walking around the enormous showrooms full of furniture.


Harper loved all of the stuffed animals.  We let both kiddos pick out a stuffed animal (they were very inexpensive…some as little as $2).  Harper chose a big Golden Retriever puppy and Will picked out a small kitten.  They absolutely love these animals and sleep with them every night!


The kids’ section was full of fun toys, kiddo size furniture, and art supplies.  We ended up with two stools for Will and Harper for our bathrooms ($4.99 each!), the stuffed animals, a cool easel that has a chalkboard on the one side and a dry erase board on the other (for under $20!), a roll of paper for the easel, and some art supplies.


Here’s one of the stools we purchased.


The fun easel for our bonus room.


Of course, a trip to Ikea wouldn’t be complete without some of their cinnamon rolls.  Yum!

If you haven’t been to Ikea before, you need to check it out! Such a neat and fun shopping experience:)


4 thoughts on “IKEA Trip!

  1. Hi, we love Ikea in this house, ours is about an hour away in Bristol. Out of your photos we have the play kitchen & highchair (same as the ones in the restaurant) & love them. I’d love the chalkboard as the one we have is too big. We’ll be going on an ikea trip soon, we’re doing a playroom for the kids. Reveal will be on the blog in about 2 months time! Cheers Lizzie XOXO

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