Mother’s Day Weekend 2014

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you and your family had a wonderful weekend:) We had a great weekend!

On Friday afternoon after work, I stopped by our local toy store, Pufferbellies (I mention them a lot on my blog since they’re such a great store with a super staff) to pick up a free gift certificate. Pufferbellies gave away free gift certificates ranging from $3 to $20 all day Friday to any mother who came to the store. Last year and this year I received a $5 certificate. How cool is that?! They gave away over $1,000 in free gift certificates!


My sweet girl.


Will came home from preschool on Thursday with a secret gift for mommy. He was so excited about giving it to me and couldn’t wait until Sunday! I received a beautiful card and a vase of flowers with his picture in it. So sweet! Love you, Will!



On Saturday, we ate breakfast and headed to a local craft fair.  My childhood friend’s father sells his woodenware at the craft fair, so we always stop by to visit (he’s the one who makes the wooden stools you see Will and Harper sitting/standing on in my pics!).


I loved this jewelry from CameraSHY Photography, especially her custom photo necklaces.


We had fun wandering around the booths and browsing the beautiful crafts, but it was kind of hard with two kiddos who wanted to touch everything!


Our plan was to eat lunch at the craft fair but it started raining. We played for a few minutes on the playground before getting in the car and deciding to head to a new place for lunch.


My husband randomly found an awesome pizza place called Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie.   We ordered the Popeye pizza, which was topped with spinach, caramelized onions, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, mozzarella, cheddar, and feta.  It was one of the best pizzas I have ever had! We both loved the roasted garlic on the pizza…now I’m on the hunt for some good roasted garlic recipes! This restaurant was very kid friendly too, which is a must for us right now! Any place that has crayons and paper for kids to draw is great!


As we headed back over the mountain on our way home, Will and Harper took a nap.


Before going home, we stopped at a local garden center to pick up a blueberry bush and a lily.


It was rainy, but Will and Harper had a blast running around the garden center and helping daddy push the wagon, as evidenced by Harper’s muddy shorts!


Today, we attended church and have been home hanging out all afternoon.  We tried our best to get a picture of me with the kiddos…this is one of the outtakes!


It’s hard to believe that I’m celebrating my fifth Mother’s Day! On my first Mother’s Day back in 2010, Will was only eight days old. Two years later, in 2012, we celebrated Mother’s Day with a two year old and sweet Harper, who was seven weeks old.  I love you, Will and Harper! You both bring so much joy and fun to my life:) Love ya!


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